Give Sorrow Words

I expect there should be content warnings, but recommend reading the essay Eileen wrote. Yes, of course I cried too.

BREVITY's Nonfiction Blog

By Eileen Vorbach Collins

I have an essay that went live this week. I wrote it months ago and I’m happy that it’s found a good home. It’s a very personal piece that was a sucker-punch to write and, if not for my critique group, would have ended up yet another discarded half-finished thought in a drawer.

I read that piece last night and cried. Not just a little whimper but a good long lament with lots of tears and noise. Then I thought, What have I done? I already know this story. If it makes me weep, why the hell would anyone else want to read it? Who’d want to subject themselves to my pain?

These thoughts were fueled in part by my recent experience in two book clubs. In one, when it was my turn to choose the book, I picked a memoir. I’d wept when I…

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