Beyond Act One: Why We Need More Stories about Older Women —

I’m re-blogging this because … well, look at my photo. Of course I’m interested.

I don’t feel sidelined as I get older, but then I never thought I was mainstream, or that mainstream was a desirable option.

But I am definitely in favour of strong female protagonists, regardless of age. And I am definitely, definitely in favour of triumphant second acts. And third acts. And so on.

We are hard-wired to frame our experience in stories. Almost anything we endure, no matter how painful, can take on a deeper meaning if we see it as one chapter in an overarching narrative. Stories give coherence and meaning to our often fragmented and chaotic lives.

Beyond Act One: Why We Need More Stories about Older Women —

2 thoughts on “Beyond Act One: Why We Need More Stories about Older Women —

  1. I went to a seminar given by two mills and boon editors (female) at the RNA conference a couple of years ago. I asked why they had no heroines in their late thirties or older, particularly as I can no longer write younger women and frankly want to read about people more like me. Blank look. It’s starting to change, fortunately.

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    1. I’m glad to hear it! Seems ridiculous to leave out a whole segment of the market. And as the author of this said, as a younger woman I was looking for stories about older women to see what I might become.


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