Upfurler by A.E. Weisgerber

I’m in the middle of a break during a ‘Embracing the Strange’ workshop with KM Elkes – and here’s a master flash doing just that

Flash Monsters!!!

Nobody understood this could be a thing, until they saw jumpers at a certain height, five hundred eleven feet, tumble upward. Unlike fallers, upfurlers didn’t make spectators jerk their shoulders in revulsion or crunch up faces to stave off crying.Seeing upfurlers made the emergency responders slack-jawed the way a miracle can. Like if you woke up and had the 20-inch curling fingernails: it made no sense, but you’d seen pictures and here they were. Philippe Petit kind of lay down in the air up there once, but this?There was one woman in a skirt suit, hounds-tooth-checked, who spun like a saucer without rising or falling. Her hair swished behind her, swish, swish, like a sickle. They call her Frisbee now, but her name is Andrea Masterson Giacobazzi, and whatever magic, whatever science, whatever god held her spinning like a barefoot plate, dispersed when the first tower fell, creating voids. Floor…

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