DIY MFA Reading List

I read some of these before I found this list, and I’ve read more because of this list – and can confirm this is a VERY good list of craft books

Al Kratz

I like reading about writing. I like catching up on what I didn’t take in school back when I had the chance. Here are my favorites of my Do It Yourself MFA journey that I started in 2013:

Saunders puts his Russian writers lectures from Syracuse into book form. He says its from his love of the Russian writers, but I also believe there’s some of it being public domain offerings where he could put the full short stories into his book? Either way, I agree and disagree with some of the political criticism this book got, but looking at it purely for the joy of reading and crafting short stories, it is pure gold. 

Grandiose title, but an excellent compressed spin through all the major elements of fiction with good examples and…

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